Heritage Center

Heritage Center


Yes, it looks like a barn; actually, it is (or was) a barn that served the Slipper family homestead. With the interior renovated and with architecturally harmonious additions, it served the modern-day functions of an executive office. Many of the original accouterments of a working barn were incorporated into the redesign for use as the Office of the Chief Executive Officer, as it served for many years. Preserved features include handhewn beams, the remnant of a shed roof, barnwood walls and doors, and animal-worn stanchion poles. The fireplace in the conference room was made from half of an industrial steam boiler; (the other half has become a barbecue grill at the Pavilion overlooking Sharkey Lake).

A favorite whimsical furnishing during the corporate office era was a fiberglass carousel tiger—a quaint item that caught Ed’s and Darlene’s fancy when they visited a Ringling Bros. facility in Sarasota, Florida some years ago. There were real live cats who lived here too; for several years, Muffin and Tumble “ran” the office, and they are fondly remembered by the office staff who once enjoyed their company.

The Heritage Center was a key office location after the old headquarters was lost to fire, with property staff calling it their temporary home. Historical pictures and artifacts are found throughout this facility chronicling the industry that Ed Lowe created. A workout facility is available here for both guests and employees, in addition to providing breakout space for retreats.

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