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Interactive Kiosks Keep You in Touch 24 X 7

“Interactive Kiosks Keep You in Touch 24 X 7”

Interactive kiosks — such as bank ATMs or interactive point-of-sale displays — allow the sale of goods, distribution of information and the tracking of that data, all without having a person in the loop. And this technology is about to redefine customer service and bricks-and-mortar point-of-sale.

Kiosks can give you potentially global 24 X 7 contact with your customers — and cut costs on customer-service expenses such as long-distance telephone service, and live phone and point-of-sale staff. "Although interest in customer self-service is rising across the board, the retail, financial and telecommunications industries require applications that fit an interactive kiosk model," says Frost & Sullivan information technology industry analyst Generosa Litton. Loyalty programs and noncash self-service terminals are some of the interactive-kiosk applications that fit the bill for these industries.

Source: Frost & Sullivan.

Writer: Tom Truman