The Michigan Manufacturing and Technology Association (MMTA) will champion, serve, and advocate for Michigan’s small manufacturers, with the goal of making manufacturing the most competitive and prosperous in the nation.
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We are

Champions for

Michigan's Small


MMTA will work to: simplify how manufacturers find and attain the resources they need to for their business; provide pratical solutions for small manufacturers; learn and serve unmet needs.

11,466 Manufacturing Firms

$107.6B Annual Mfg. Revenue

88% Michigan Manufacturers of 100 employees or less

330 W. Main Street, Benton Harbour, MI 49022
(800) ASK MMTA (275 6682)

Why join MMTA?

  • Workplace knowledge differentiator
  • One Stop Shop for needed resources
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Support Michigan’s Manufacturing

A One-stop shop

  • Advocacy voice in Lansing
  • Access to premium-level organizations
  • Top-notch services

Additional member benefits include:

  • Executive Development for Organizational Accelerated Growth (1-day retreat)
  • Issue Briefing Quarterly Roundtables
  • Nominations for Companies to Watch® program

Supplemental benefits can include:

  • Offsite Retreat for Organizational Learning with Peers (3-day retreat)
  • Executive Peer Roundtables
  • Diagnostic of Organizational Needs Discuss with Business Consultant
  • Integrated Organizational Growth with Business Specialist