Roundtable licensing

Change header to PeerSpectives licensing…. Obtaining a license gives you the ability to receive facilitator training and run an unlimited number of roundtables. Contact us to learn more.

How do I get started running a PeerSpectives table?

How much is a PeerSpectives license?

Where may I operate PeerSpectives roundtables?

Contact us and see if it’s a good fit for you. When you’ve decided, you will receive a license and instructions to register for an upcoming facilitator training session. As soon as your signed license and payment are received, you can start recruiting participants for tables.

A one-year license is available for the following:

  • Nonprofit organizations: $700
  • For-profit organizations: $1,000

You may run an unlimited number of tables under a single license. Licenses are renewable annually at the above costs.

You may identify a city, county, region within a state (e.g., “northeastern California”) or region within the country (e.g., “southwest United States”). You will be asked to define a territory for the license; however, these boundaries are generally flexible. Licenses are non-exclusive; if a licensee is located in an area you wish to serve, we will introduce you to the other to encourage collaboration.

How do I find roundtable members?

Licensees who have successfully launched roundtables overwhelmingly had current relationships with potential participants, either as existing clients or through partnerships with organizations who own those relationships. If you are still developing those relationships, we may recommend putting your roundtable plans on the backburner. Contact us and we’d be happy to cover this topic with you.

I want to offer a PeerSpectives table, but don’t have a facilitator. What should I do?

If you are with an organization, can you recruit a colleague, staff member or community supporter to serve as a facilitator? Or, contact us to find trained facilitators in your area who may be willing to run your tables as an independent contractor. Even if you end up not facilitating an actual table, as a licensee, attend the facilitator training anyway; you will gain invaluable knowledge about the PeerSpectives process and be better able to market your tables.

I’m a trained PeerSpectives facilitator, but it’s not feasible to own a license. Can I still run a table?

You can still practice your craft. Here are suggestions:
Contact current licensees in your area to offer your services.
Contact organizations that are a good fit for PeerSpectives and encourage them to operate a license; offer to serve as their facilitator.
If we hear from a current licensee wishing to hire an independent facilitator, we may contact you.

PeerSpectives benefits our organization in a variety of ways. For one thing, it’s enabled me to get in front of people I might not see otherwise and introduce them to additional SBDC resources.

— Ryan Kauth, director of the Wisconsin SBDC at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay