The Entrepreneurship Team

The Edward Lowe Foundation was established by Ed and Darlene Lowe in 1985. In contrast to most U.S. foundations, which are grant-giving entities, we are an operating foundation that funds its own programs.

Dino Signore

Mgr of Entrepreneurial Education

Signore leads all of the foundation’s learning events and trained hundreds of facilitators.

Entrepreneurship team

The Second-Stage Sensei

What is second stage?

Second stage is an important inflection point for entrepreneurs, says Dino Signore, the foundation’s manager of entrepreneurial education. On the plus side, second-stagers have a proven product or service under their belts and have attracted initial customers, so survival is no longer a daily concern. Yet as they strive to gain a stronger foothold in the market and win more customers, second-stagers now face more strategic issues, such as building infrastructure to scale, honing their competitive edge and expanding into new markets.

In the articles below, Signore addresses these various challenges, with a strong emphasis on leadership.

An expert on second-stage entrepreneurs, Dino Signore has a doctorate in business psychology and is manager of entrepreneurial education at the Edward Lowe Foundation.

Signore leads all of the foundation’s learning events, which have been attended by thousands of second-stage business owners and executives as well as leaders of entrepreneur support organizations. He has trained hundreds of facilitators in the foundation’s PeerSpectives peer learning protocol and is known for his relevant content design and engaging and experiential facilitation style.

In addition, Signore has been an adjunct professor at Indiana Tech and Southwestern Michigan College, teaching a wide range of undergraduate business courses. He is married to his wife, Gina, an artist and owner of Dahlia House Studios and they have two daughters.