Tidy Cat 3 Mmm Mmm Commercial 1986 with Edward Lowe

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The foundation began in 1985, but our roots trace back to founder Ed Lowe, who in 1947 introduced Kitty Litter, the country’s first cat-box-filler. Ed went on to develop a global brand and establish an entirely new industry. He distinguished himself in a number of ways, from his marketing prowess and R&D initiatives at Edward Lowe Industries to his efforts to increase recognition for U.S. entrepreneurs.

In this section, you’ll find a short video that highlight Ed’s entrepreneurial journey, from the introduction of Kitty Litter to the launch of the foundation, along with a quick look at some of our programs. You’ll also find a number of Kitty Litter and Tidy Cat commercials, which were the first cat-box-filler brands to debut on national television in the late 1970s.