This series of articles explores the thoughts, ideas and unvarnished advice of our founder, Ed Lowe. When Ed “brought the cat indoors” with Kitty Litter, his  revolutionary cat-box filler, he created an entirely new industry that changed the lives of millions of cat lovers, not to mention cats. During his life, Ed used “plain talk” to speak about the bottom line from the bottom of his heart. We believe these articles, which have been updated after his death, offer value for both your business and personal life.

Entrepreneur's Pledge

I will be ever mindful of the future.
I will have an active mind whether awake or asleep.
I will be a helping hand to myself and to others.
I will omit the word “impossible” from my vocabulary.
I will do my best to improve, not to improvise.
I will exert my energy toward growth and progress.
I will communicate with others in thought, word and deed.
I  will maintain a healthy body and mind.
I will recognize the power of love.
I will follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you  would have them do unto you.
                                                                   — Edward Lowe