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Research at BRV

a living laboratry for conservation science

As part of its land-stewardship initiative, the foundation makes Big Rock Valley (BRV) available to academic researchers and environmental organizations. Among current research projects:

In search of massasaugas

The EMRSSP is conducting a longitudinal study on eastern massasauga rattles, which became a federally-protected species in 2016.

Soil microbial studies

Researchers at Western Michigan University are investing ways to improve soil microbial communities in reclaim agricultural land.

Timing's effect on ecosystem restoration

Researchers from Grand Valley State University are studying how variances in season and sequence of prescribed burns could impact prairie and savanna restoration.

Advancing prairie restoration

Michigan State University and Eastern Michigan University researchers are studying diversity and abundance of plant communities to advance prairie restoration.

Conducting research at BRV

Although the foundation is open to a broad spectrum of research, it’s especially interested in:

We typically provides researchers with housing, access to a field lab with high-speed Internet and additional logistical support. For more information, contact  info@lowe.org.