60 Second Leader Retreat

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Companies to Watch Retreat

The Companies to Watch retreat is currently offered to those companies who have won the coveted award. This is an excellent way to see how the foundation can add tremendous value to your growing company.

Leadership of Me

The initial program in our retreat series, Leadership of Me focuses on the evolving role of entrepreneurial leaders and the unique challenges that they encounter in second stage. Participants go through a rigorous exploration of their personal strengths, business values and perspective on control. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your role as a second-stage leader, what you bring to the organization and how to leverage your strengths to enhance profitability.

Leadership of My Organization

The second program in our retreat series, Leadership of My Organization focuses on strategic thinking. You’ll become more aware of industry forces and how they may be affecting your organization. In addition, you’ll be introduced to a framework that combines your personal values and organization’s purpose with a big, hairy, audacious goal. In a nutshell, you’ll start thinking like a futurist.

Advanced Facilitator Training

Facilitating is a demanding undertaking, whether it’s an ongoing peer-to-peer roundtable, a one-time, high-stakes meeting or a large group interaction. During the process you may encounter anxiety, frustration, anger and bruised egos from group members. In this advanced course, experienced facilitators will gain a deeper understanding of the psychological and social forces that affect their ability to be effective. You’ll become more confident at managing both small and large group dialogue — and be able to address a wider range of group needs.

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60 Second Leader Retreat

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Retreats at the Edward Lowe Foundation enable second-stage entrepreneurs to step away from daily distractions and focus instead on future growth. These programs address everything from building a management team and developing strategy to creating a strong company culture. Curriculum is geared to push participants out of their comfort zone.

In addition to cutting-edge curriculum, another hallmark of our retreats program is Big Rock Valley (BRV), our 2,000-acre campus in southwest Michigan. Surrounded by woodlands, wetlands, farm fields and prairies, BRV provides a peaceful setting that enables participants to unplug from hectic schedules and concentrate on scaling their business.