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Billieville, which today serves as a hub for the foundation’s retreat facilities, began life in the 1970s as two pole barns that housed antiques and equipment. To make these storage areas more interesting, the Lowes asked their craftsmen to construct facades so the buildings appeared to be part of an old western town. Ed christened the area “Billieville” after Darlene’s middle name (Billie).

Over the years, these buildings were converted into meeting spaces and used for our first retreat groups until the Tower of Tomorrow was built in 2010 and became the primary building for retreat events. Known as the Billieville Conference Center and the Leisure Center, the transformed pole barns are now used for breakout sessions and small groups as well as recreational facilities.

The Conference Center, which includes the Billiygoat Tavern, features a small workout room and a number of games including an antique hand-controlled football game. At the Leisure Center guests can can relax in front of the fireplace, watch a movie or enjoy a game of ping pong. There Leisure Center also has a kitchen, which is stocked with snacks and beverages.