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PeerSpectives is a unique CEO roundtable methodology designed especially for leaders of second-stage growth companies. The system differs from other roundtable formats by having:
CEO Roundtable

  • A structured format that ensure balanced group discussion not dominated by any one individual.
  • Professional facilitators who are trained at the foundation.
  • An emphasis on sharing experiences rather than giving advice.
  • Participants who come from diverse, noncompeting industries.

PeerSpectives provides a confidential environment for discussing sensitive issues — both in their business and personal lives. Roundtables participants tell us that they have gotten new ideas on everything from marketing strategy and financial issues to dealing with difficult personnel problems. What’s more, the roundtables also spark accountability and strong bonds among members.

Although PeerSpectives is designed as a standalone program, many of our System for Integrated Growth partners have incorporated PeerSpectives roundtables into their networks. Participants credit these roundtables for enhancing their research engagement; by hearing how other roundtable members planned to use research deliverables, they glean ideas for their own businesses.

In addition, the PeerSpectives process has also been used for nonprofit groups and managers from noncompeting companies with similar responsibilities.

“What began as a skeptical experience has turned into an environment that’s very trusting and endearing for me. I can present problems to the group and not feel vulnerable. They’re not going to judge me, but instead give me valuable feedback.”

— Harold Boyett, CEO of Blue Streak Couriers in Jacksonville, Florida

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What people are saying...

“The format of PeerSpectives is one of the critical components that makes the CEO roundtable experience much more beneficial.”

— Kathie Fuce-Hobohm, Space Inc.

CEO Testimonial

“It is a safe haven for CEOs. We don’t provide a solution, but we provide our experiences or options and things to consider.”

— Craig Reilly, Plus One Solutions