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CEO roundtables

Designed especially for leaders of second-stage companies, the PeerSpectives® Roundtable System enhances leadership abilities and improves decision-making. Both in-person and virtual options are available.

The PeerSpectives advantage

PeerSpectives roundtables typically involve eight to 12 business executives and provide a confidential forum where participants can share challenges and experiences — and enhance their capabilities.

What sets PeerSpectives apart from other roundtables? Hallmarks include:

Although PeerSpectives can be offered as a standalone program, licensees may also combine roundtables with our System for Integrated Growth (SIG) program and leader retreats. Participants credit roundtables for enhancing their SIG engagements by hearing how others make use of research deliverables, and retreats provide insights into leadership skills. 

In addition to being used for second-stage entrepreneurs, the PeerSpectives process has worked well for managers within second-stage businesses, owners of smaller growth-oriented companies and nonprofit organzations.

Case Studies

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