CEO Roundtables

The PeerSpectives Roundtable System (PRS) gives organizations and professionals who cater to entrepreneurs a new service offering for their small business clients.


PeerSpectives protocol training ensure balanced and productive roundtables.


Find out what it takes to run your own PeerSpectives roundtable.


Roundtable participants have an edge over peers who go without.


Can’t run a roundtable or your clients are spread apart? We can help you.

PeerSpectives provides a confidential environment for participants to discuss sensitive issues — in their business and personal lives. Roundtable participants say they receive ideas on everything from marketing strategy and financial issues to dealing with difficult personnel problems. The roundtables also create accountability for oneself and strong bonds among group members.

Although PeerSpectives can be offered as a standalone program, our partners may also combine roundtables with System for Integrated Growth (SIG) and leader retreats.  Participants credit roundtables for enhancing their SIG engagement by hearing how others make use of their deliverables.

In addition to being used for entrepreneurs, the PeerSpectives process has worked well for nonprofit executives and managers with similar responsibilities.


“Instead of being immersed in the day-to-day problems, the roundtable allows me to take action on bigger issues to drive growth,”

-John Swiatkowski, President Pacer Group

What people are saying...

“The format of PeerSpectives is one of the critical components that makes the CEO roundtable experience much more beneficial.”
— Kathie Fuce-Hobohm, Space Inc.

CEO Testimonial

“It is a safe haven for CEOs. We don’t provide a solution, but we provide our experiences or options and things to consider.”
— Craig Reilly, Plus One Solutions

Case studies

The benefits of participating on a roundtable are as varied as there are problems to be solved. Case studies provide a glimpse at why PeerSpectives was the right answer for entrepreneurs who served as participants on roundtables as well as organizations who offer them.