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Cynthia Kay is the founder of Cynthia Kay and Co. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which produces high-quality communications for organizations from the Fortune Global 100 to small business. A graduate of Michigan State University, Cynthia holds a master’s degree in communications from Western Michigan University.

Cynthia is a passionate spokesperson for small business. For more than 35 years, she has spent significant time speaking to, teaching and coaching small-business owners while running her own award-winning company. She is a past board chairman of the Small Business Association of Michigan and the National Small Business Association. She serves on the board of Michigan Celebrates Small Business.

Cynthia and CK & Co. have been honored with many awards including several Tellys and being named by Siemens as the 2018 Woman-Owned Small Business Supplier of the Year. She is a five-times winner of the Grand Rapids Business Journal’s West Michigan’s 50 Most Influential Women. She is also the recipient of more than 30 broadcast awards from UPI, AP and other news organizations. 

Cynthia has authored several books including: “Small Business for Big Thinkers: Unconventional Strategies to Connect With and Win Big Business” (Career Press 2013) and “Stop Wishing. Stop Whining. Start Leading.” She has written for the Washington Post and been featured in Time and Entrepreneur magazines and on National Public Radio. Kay also testified on behalf of NSBA before the House Committee on Small Business Hearing. She teaches business communications seminars and classes for a variety of clients, as well as presentation and media coaching.