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Debra Regina Bauters

1955 – 2014 Wife of Don Bauters, Edward Lowe Industries and Foundation

Edward Lowe’s early selection of the corporate motto “quality, pride, family” has remained over the years. In 1986 Debbie Bauters joined the “family” when her husband, Don, was hired as an accountant, a job that evolved into his position as director of finance and secretary/treasurer of the Board of Trustees for Edward Lowe Foundation.

Faith and family—five children and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren—were primary in Debbie’s life. Her innate joy in caring about and for others was a perfect fit for her vocation as a nurse, working at the St. Mary’s College infirmary. A skilled and talented homemaker, as well, the lunches she packed for Don earned her a reputation at the office as a great cook.

Her warm and friendly personality and optimistic outlook were an inspiration to others, even as she fought a valiant five-year battle with cancer that eventually took her life. Indeed, Debbie Bauters’ generosity was evidenced when a year after her death, Don related his contribution to Toys for Tots had come from a closet Debbie had kept well-stocked with new toys intended to be given upon occasion to visiting grandchildren