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Dr. Ronald S. Paul

1923 – 2018 Edward Lowe Foundation trustee years of service 1985 – 1998

Ed and Darlene Lowe called upon Dr. Ronald S. Paul in 1985, to organize and incorporate the Edward Lowe Foundation. Dr. Paul’s background as president and CEO of Battelle institute, a leading nonprofit independent research and development organization, helped them lay the groundwork for the foundation to “champion the entrepreneurial spirit.” He served as trustee alongside Ed and Darlene Lowe on the three-person Edward Lowe Foundation board, and in 1986 he was also elected as a member. In 1988 he retired from Battelle, and he and his wife, Margery, moved to the Pacific Northwest. In 1998 he moved into the position of trustee emeritus, continuing to provide encourage and support throughout the remainder of his life.

Dr. Paul’s personal values were formed early in life by the faith and work ethic of his immigrant parents and fostered by his experience as an Eagle Scout. Even in retirement, he remained active in professional service and as a volunteer at his church and other organizations. He believed in sharing both talents and resources and often used a saying he heard Ed Lowe recount, “He who gives while he lives, also knows where it goes.” (a Percy Ross quote)

“Dr. Paul always treated everyone with the utmost respect, kindness and caring,” Darlene Lowe recalled. “He made a difference in the world by sharing his sharp intellect and understanding.” Dr. Paul was preceded in death by Margery, his wife of almost 73 years.