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Erick Stewart is co-founder of Stewart Industries, a Battle Creek, Michigan-based provider of assembly manufacturing, inspection and foreign trade zone (FTZ) services to automotive, aerospace, medical device and defense industries. Erick launched the company in 2000 with his father and led it for more than two decades, with sales growth of more than $40 million. A skilled culture creator, he developed a diverse-focused workforce of more than 120 employees, with average annual turnover of only 2.5%.

In 2021 Erick and his father made the decision to divest from the manufacturing business and shift to passion-focused pursuits. He launched two ventures through LAGNIAPPE Consulting which provide a wide range of consulting services such as Kaizen-based continuous improvement, strategy development and planning, program management, economic development, FTZ and procurement analysis, entrepreneurship and leadership development.

Erick’s passion for small business, supplier diversity and community makes him a prolific board member and adviser to a long list of organizations including: The Small Business Administration of Michigan, Battle Creek Unlimited, Starr Commonwealth, and Bronson Healthcare Group.

Erick holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Southern University in Baton Rouge. A father of five children, his family interests revolve around social justice, education, community health and being a driver of “systemic equality!”