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Washington Department of Commerce is committed to strengthening communities and growing local economies that celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, provide the necessary infrastructure to support growth and expansion, have the right mix of services and programs to support intelligent economic development and offer families a safe place to live, work and play.

Sabrina Jones
CEO, Movher and Put a Cork In It

Thrive! Nurturing Tomorrow’s Business Giants

Unleashing Potential, Accelerating Growth

The department’s Office of Economic Development & Competitiveness has partnered with the foundation since 2016. A primary second-stage offering is Thrive! Based on the foundation’s System for Integrated Growth, Thrive! gives growth-oriented companies access to experts, analytics and best practices that are immediately actionable.

In a July 2021 performance study, 12 Thrive! participants reported the following:

What people say...

“We are thinking out further than just this moment and Thrive! is motivating that.”

“It got us back into a growth mindset.”

“It made an impact on me as CEO in directing the vision of the company and it has sharpened focus on my marketing strategy for 2021-2022.”

“We have some short-term outcomes like sales and profit, we have increased profit by 10x in one year. Long term viability is even more important.”


Case studies

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On the discovery call, I could tell right away that our team leader was fantastic,” says CEO Rich Fowles. “He knew how to drill down and identify exactly what we were looking for.

It’s about the strategy.

Service for small business

Shaping our clean energy future

Adding infrastructure to communities


Susan Herr, Small Business Program Manager


Growing jobs through our key sector strategies

Working toward affordable housing