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John “Jack” Rand

For two decades, Jack Rand advised Ed Lowe on all aspects of clay production relating to its mining and processing. According to Ed, “Jack Rand was one of the greatest guys to go prospecting with… He really knows his clay!”

Having access to a skilled geologist — especially one who possessed expertise in clay — was critical to Ed’s success. In order to keep up with product demand and remain the leader in the cat box filler industry, Ed needed Rand to find mineral reserves and determine the quantity and quality of clay that could be mined from the reserves. For example, would the clay be light enough in color to use for Kitty Litter — or would it be better suited for industrial absorbent products? Whenever it came to purchasing or expanding property, Ed relied on Rand’s advice for setting up and managing mining operations.

1924 – 2007 Geological consultant for Lowe’s Inc. Years of service: 1965 – 1985