Louisiana Economic Development is responsible for strengthening the state’s business environment and creating a more vibrant Louisiana economy. From entrepreneurial startups to small business growth and expansion, Louisiana offers a comprehensive array of educational, managerial, and financial programs that cultivate small business opportunities.
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Vision: Louisiana consistently outperforms the South and the U.S. in creating jobs and economic opportunities for its citizens.

Mission: Cultivate jobs and economic opportunity for the people of Louisiana through nine integrated economic development strategies:

  • Cultivate small business, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Strategically improve state economic competitiveness
  • Engage with local partners to enhance community competitiveness
  • Forge partnerships to enhance regional economic development assets
  • Expand and retain in-state businesses
  • Execute a strong business recruitment program
  • Enhance workforce development solutions
  • Promote Louisiana’s robust business advantages
  • Attract foreign direct investments and grow international trade

With dedicated and knowledgeable professionals committed to Louisiana’s economic future, LED strives to help businesses find the resources they need to make relocation and expansion a successful, profitable endeavor.

Louisiana Economic Development

Companies utilizing LED's suite of services have realized impressive growth and economic impact

239 companies

2,053 new FTE jobs

$349 million increase in gross annual revenue

Year 1 (FY 2012): 33 Engagement (33 Companies) - 3-year change
Year 2 (FY 2013): 40 Engagements (35 companies) - 3-year change
Year 3 (FY 2014): 20 Engagements (14 companies) - 3-year change
Year 4 (FY 2015): 19 Engagements (19) - 3-year change
Year 5 (FY 2016): 68 Engagements (58 companies) - 3-year change
Year 6 (FY 2017): 39 Engagements (36 companies) - 3-year change
Year 7 (FY 2018): 50 Engagements (44 companies) - 1 year change
Year 8 (FY 2019): 53 Engagements (44 companies) - Initial date to be collected

Data updated in October 2019

In 2019, LED’s Small Business Services team was honored with the Gold Award for Excellence in Economic Development from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).  The IEDC Gold Award recognized Louisiana for delivering the world’s best economic development programs in entrepreneurship within IEDC’s largest population category (greater than 500,000).  LED has a particular focus on second-stage companies and offers a suite of business resources and growth opportunities, including but not limited to strategic research, peer-to-peer learning, leadership retreats, recognition events, networking opportunities, incentives, and additional technical assistance, through the LED Growth Network.


Christopher Cassagne
Assistant Director, Small Business Services

M 504.715.6091 | T 225.342.5882 |  F 225.342.9390