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Legacy Council

This one-year program is designed for a group of select entrepreneurs who have either exited their companies or are near the exit stage. Legacy Council focuses on the next phase of the entrepreneurial journey.

From success to significance

Legacy can’t be measured by your company’s bottom line. It goes beyond financial success to reflect how you impact your industry, community and the lives of your employees. It’s about what you build, who you help along the way — and how you’ll continue to influence others. 

Targeting a select group of business owners, the Legacy Council program is our longest-running program (spanning the course of one year) and has four key components:

Cost of the program is $3,500 per participant, which helps cover facilitation, meals and overnight lodgings. For more information: contact us at info@lowe.org.

Legacy Council

Kathie Fuce-Hobohm
Yan Ness

Cohort 1: Phil Roos, Kathie Fuce-Hobohm, Nancy Crews, Yan Ness, Barbara Lamont, Barbara Stankowski and Tom Martin.

Cohort 2: Jon Tellier, Cherie Hebert, Beth Kelly, Linda Schlesinger-Wagner, Keith Paul, Cynthia Kay, Dan Ducote and Todd Gustafson.