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LeRoy Troyer

1937-2018 Founder and owner of the Troyer Group

LeRoy Troyer, founder of the Troyer Group, was a close advisor to Ed and Darlene Lowe and a foundation member from 2003-2012. He played a pivotal role in various architectural projects for the Edward Lowe Foundation, including the Tower retreat center at Billieville, which was conceptualized by Ed Lowe himself. Troyer also designed the new headquarters after a fire destroyed the foundation’s office building in 2011.

Raised on an Amish farm near Middlebury, Indiana, Troyer overcame polio at 14 and pursued a career in architecture with determination. Despite lacking a high school education, he graduated from Notre Dame’s architecture program and founded the Troyer Group in 1971. His commitment to service extended beyond his career, as evidenced by his work with Habitat for Humanity International alongside former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.

Notably, the Troyer Group built a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark as part of the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, fulfilling Troyer’s dream of creating a wooden structure that honored their faith. Troyer’s philosophy emphasized teamwork and collaboration, recognizing that collective efforts yield better solutions.