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Patricia Keenan

joined the Edward Lowe Foundation in 1996 to work with the AS-400 mainframe computer system. Over the next decade, her job evolved into support for accounting software, payroll processing, inventory of equipment, photo documentation of plants and animals for the physical resources department, and distribution of the Edward Lowe Report, a monthly newsletter the foundation published from 2000 to 2003.

Multitalented both on and off the job, Keenan was a driving force on the Ed Lowe Day Committee and made decorations for numerous company events. She was devoted to her community and served as a reading mentor for several years at the Sam Adams Middle School in Cassopolis. Her creative talents manifested themselves in a variety of ways, from making jewelry to helping a co-worker with her daughter’s wedding. Colleagues say that whenever she got involved in a project, Keenan gave it 110 percent of her energies.

1951 – 2006 Edward Lowe Foundation employee Years of service: 1996 – 2006