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Peer Learning

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Connecting with peers benefits many types of cohorts, but especially entrepreneurs who don’t have time for traditional networking or educational events because they are so busy growing their companies.

Helping today's growth entrepreneurs

What makes us different?

In contrast to most networking events that last a couple of hours, our retreats enable business leaders to interact over a longer period (usually three days). The combination of educational sessions, dynamic activities and casual conversations around the campfire ignite a quick rapport among newcomers and strengthen bonds for existing peer groups.

Its lonely at the top

Entrepreneurs are often isolated. Family and friends may be supportive, but that doesn’t help with tough business decisions. Although retreat participants come from different industries, they share common issues, which enables them to bond quickly.

Value for your time

Granted, it’s tough to leave your business for a few hours, let alone days. Yet BRV retreats are an opportunity to invest in yourself — to reflect on how your leadership role is evolving and examine issues within the company from a different lens.

Agile facilitators

Our facilitators have a deep understanding of both peer learning and second stage. Their goal is to expose participants to new concepts, keep conversations productive and relevant for everyone — and bring out the genius in the room.

The magic of Big Rock Valley

Part of the foundation’s retreat experience is being at Big Rock Valley, a tranquil environment that enables business owners to unplug from hectic schedules, take a deep breath and see things from a different perspective.

“One of the great things about retreats at the foundation is being able to spend time with leaders of other second-stage companies. You hear their struggles — and know that you’re not alone.”

— Chris Straw, founder of Team Quality Services in Auburn, Indiana