The Edward Lowe Foundation is a national, nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurship and land stewardship. Our entrepreneurship programs, which revolve around education, recognition and research, focus narrowly on second-stage companies — those that have moved beyond the startup phase and seek significant, steady growth. Our land stewardship initiatives play out at Big Rock Valley, our 2,000-acre home in southwest Michigan, where we are committed to preserving the property’s unique biodiversity through innovative land management practices.

Dan Wyant

Chairman & President
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As chairman and president of the Edward Lowe Foundation, Dan Wyant works with the board to establish a vision and ensure that founders’ intent and the foundation’s mission are carried out. He also oversees daily operations and execution of strategy. This includes evaluation of the organization’s current entrepreneurship and land stewardship initiatives and determining new programmatic direction. 

Don Bauters

Dir. of Finance & Treasurer

Kathy Browning

Director of Administration

Colleen Killen-Roberts

Div. VP of Entrepreneurship

Colleen Killen-Roberts

Divisional VP of Entrepreneurship
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In her current role she leads the entrepreneurship team in developing programs that help second-stage entrepreneurs get to the next level. These include the System for Integrated Growth, PeerSpectives® Roundtables, the American Academy of Entrepreneurs®, Leader Retreats at Big Rock Valley, Entrepreneur in Residence and Legacy Council. Killen-Roberts also cultivates appropriate partners to deliver these programs throughout the country and manages the rollout process.

Dino Signore

Mgr of Entrepreneurial Ed.

Joy Kitamori

Partner Relationship Manager

Laken Ray Stoliker

Senior Executive Specialist

Nancy Goodrich

Mgr Admin Services

Paul Bateson

GM of External Relations

Rita Phillips

Retreat Manager

Robin Joye

Program Manager

TJ Becker

Marketing Comm Mgr

Ed Lowe

Ed Lowe invented Kitty Litter in 1947. A cleaner alternative to the ashes and sand previously used in litter boxes, clay-based Kitty Litter enabled more cats to remain indoors and reshaped U.S. pet demographics, with cats outnumbering dogs. What’s more, this simple product led to the creation of an entirely new industry, and today the cat litter business generates annual U.S. sales of nearly $2 billion.

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Darlene Lowe

An entrepreneur herself, Darlene established her own interior design business, Haymarket Interiors, in the late 1960s. In the 1970s, she became vice president of design and facilities planning at Edward Lowe Industries, where she managed the design and renovation of more than 80 diverse projects, including the foundation’s 2,000-acre campus, Big Rock Valley.

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Don Bauters

Director of Finance and Treasurer
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Don Bauters joined Edward Lowe Industries (ELI) and the Edward Lowe Foundation in 1986. He has held a variety of financial positions and was promoted to director of finance and treasurer in 1990.

Matt James


Donna Kretchman

Accounting & Payroll

Chris Ryback

Director of IT & Heritage

Brenda Blough


Chris Newton

Grounds Maint Labor

Jarod Reibel

Conserv. Stewardship Land Mgr

Jay Suseland

Grounds Maint Mgr

Jon VanSchoick

Facilities Maint Mgr

Jose Ruiz


Julie Pond

Guest Services Mgr

Keith Green

Grounds Maint Labor

Ken Cox

Security Manager

Linda Boersma

HR Manager

Mark Jeleniewski

Building Maintenance

Michelle Kline

Property Mgr/Office Mgr

Owen Rice

Grounds Maint Labor

Perry Cochran

Bldg Maint Painter

Rhonda Ivens

Guest Services

Rory Phillips

Building Maint Asst Mgr

Board of Trustees (left to right): Pete Pairitz, Paul Bowles, Darlene Lowe, Monica Wyant, Jack Pycik and Dan Wyant