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Robert “Bob” & Waneta Follett

Bob Follett joined Lowe and Lowe Co. in December 1946 as a truck driver — the company’s only employee. When Ed bought out his father in 1949, Follett continued to work for Ed and became his right-hand man. Instrumental in helping build the Kitty Litter business, Follett tackled whatever task needed to be completed. For example, while Ed was out wooing customers, Follett was back at the office bagging litter. His logistical skills and attention to details provided balance to Ed’s flair for innovation and sales savvy.

Over the years, Follett held a variety of positions, including general manager of plants and corporate secretary. He was the first member of the Lowe’s Inc. board of directors and remained on the board until he retired in 1990.

Waneta was beautiful, intelligent, talented, gracious and always treated everyone she came in contact with the utmost respect, kindness and caring. She and Bob shared over 63 years together before his passing in 2008. Darlene Lowe recalled, “Bob and Waneta were close to Ed throughout every stage of development and evolution of his many businesses, and Ed and I were blessed to have had their support and friendship.”

1925 - 2008 | 1926 - 2018 Bob was Ed Lowe’s first employee. Years of service: 1946 – 1990