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Second-stage business

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What made you successful as a startup doesn’t guarantee success in second stage. Our programs help second-stage entrepreneurs avoid stumbling blocks and leverage new opportunities.

Helping today's growth entrepreneurs

What makes us different?

Curriculum is geared to push participants out of their comfort zone and think differently. Each program revolves around inflection points: how your organization is changing, how your team is changing and how you as a leader are responding to these changes.

CEO peer groups

Curriculum focuses on the many new challenges that second-stage leaders face: Building a strong management team, developing internal infrastructure, creating a dynamic company culture, honing their competitive edge and managing organizational change.

Individual companies

In contrast to our CEO peer-group programs, this is an opportunity to dive deeper into your company’s most pressing issues — and groom key staff members to assume more responsibility. These retreats enable you to engage in critical conversations in a relaxed and confidential setting.

Senior managers

Building a strong management team is not just about who you recruit, but how you equip them for success once they’re on board. Our popular Performance Accelerator program helps already talented managers better leverage their strengths within the second-stage arena.

Know what you don't know

Our founder, Ed Lowe, recognized the need to break through bricks walls and “know what you don’t know” became one of his general rules for success. One of the ways he did this was by talking with other entrepreneurs, which is why peer learning is a critical component of our retreat programs.
“The Think Week retreat helped me and my partner work ‘on’ our business instead of ‘in’ it. There are lots of small-business and industry venues that I could go to, but the Edward Lowe Foundation’s narrow focus on second stage is what resonates with me.”

— Bryan Croft, president and CEO of Holmes Custom in
Jacksonville, Florida