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The System for Integrated Growth

A virtual program, the System for Integrated Growth®  (SIG) gives second-stage leaders access to a team of business experts to address specific issues that impact growth, whether those issues are internal or exist outside the walls of the company.

For example, Rich Fowles of Scratch and Peck Feeds LLC sought help with supply chain efficiencies and adding a second manufacturing facility. 

Just-in-time expertise

SIG specialists provide information and best practices to help CEOs strengthen company infrastructure, enter new markets and find new customers. For examples, SIG can help you:

SIG differs from other types of business assistance in several ways. For one thing, it’s a virtual program, so you don’t even need to leave your office. Another hallmark, information is delivered to participants by a team rather than one person. And rather than being generalist counselors, SIG specialists are private-sector consultants who have been vetted by the Edward Lowe Foundation.

Instead of giving advice, SIG specialists listen and provide information, best practices and insights so business owners can make better decisions. After all, it is your business. 

SIG is made available to second-stage companies through organizations and government agencies in their communities. to learn where the program is offered, visit SystemForIntegratedGrowth.org

What to expect

Fees — Costs may be covered by local, regional or state organizations. In locations where a host organization is not available to subsidize costs, please contact Paul Bateson.

Time commitment — About 8-12 hours spread over 2 months.

Focus areas — HR (recruiting and retention as well as compliance), operations and supply chain, accounting and finance, global trade, sales and marketing, succession planning, secondary market research, online marketing and customer prospecting.

Logistics — The program kicks off with a call between the CEO and a SIG team leader to clarify your company’s greatest needs. Next, you talk with SIG specialists to dive deeper into those pain points. Specialists then prepare their deliverables and schedule followup calls to walk you through those materials. Finally, the team leader conducts a debriefing call before wrapping up the engagement.

Companies will be asked to submit an online application and provide revenue and employment amounts for: the past three calendar years, the current year and projections for the next two years. You’ll also list where you need assistance. Your program administrator can help you think through these initial issues. If accepted into the program, we’ll schedule and interview with you and a SIG team leader to start the process.

Feedback from SIG participants

“The SIG engagement is probably the most impactful thing my company has ever experienced. Prior to SIG, I had ideas about what I wanted to do, and thought they might be possible. Yet now I am certain with the direction of the company — and how we’re going to do it.”

Jordan Munsters, founder of High Caliber Karting and Entertainment in Okemos, Michigan

“The SIG engagement was priceless and worth every second of my time — in fact, it’s saving me time and money. It was great to have people look under the hood of my business. Their perspectives were truly enlightening. I also felt they genuinely wanted me and Geaux Above to succeed, which is empowering.”

—   Shanna Felker, CEO of Geaux Above LLC in Madisonville, Louisiana