Economic Gardening

This “game changer” of a program provides access to research experts which help supercharge your company. They provide strategic information that help you overcome current obstacles and identify new opportunities.

With powerful testimonials from second-stage companies, this featured video describes the benefits of Economic Gardening as an important part of economic development. To learn more, contact Paul Bateson, General Manager of the program at the Edward Lowe Foundation.


An effective leader has to wear many hats for an organization to run effectively. The leadership modules that are here will help you gain a deeper insight into the actions of your employees.

Dino Signore is the manager of entreprenuerial education at the Edward Lowe Foundation.

Land Stewardship...

For us, it all starts with a love of the land. With diverse ecosystems and a variety of wildlife and fauna the 2,000+ acres that comprise Big Rock Valley are a treasure and the home of the Edward Lowe Foundation. Southwest Michigan is a beautiful place to enjoy the four seasons and also enhances our entrepreneurship programs. The videos here hope to convey our respect and admiration of our little piece of heaven.


Retreats at Big Rock Valley are more than a conference or a getaway from the office. The Edward Lowe Foundation offers a unique experience that can change your view of the world and your view of success in your business.

From the beautiful buildings to the natural surroundings, from the professional facilitation to the chef prepared meals we think you’ll like what you experience here and we hope that you find it provides real value for your time.


 A unique CEO roundtable system designed especially for leaders of second-stage companies, PeerSpectives® enhances leadership abilities and improves decision-making. These roundtables, which typically involve eight to 12 business executives, provide a confidential forum where participants can share challenges and experiences — and enhance their capabilities.


The Edward Lowe Foundation began in 1985, but our heritage begins with our founder Edward Lowe and the industry he created with Kitty Litter. Ed’s entrepreneurial journey began at an early age and continued throughout his life. Here you will find some of the legacy items we are proud to embrace.

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