Virtual CEO Roundtables

Virtual roundtables are conducted as video conferences and are ideal for time-pressed leaders of second-stage companies. The sessions are led by a team of trained PeerSpectives® facilitators from the Edward Lowe Foundation. Confidentiality is emphasized throughout, and participants are assured of a safe and convenient place to delve into their most challenging issues. This format is ideal for those without a CEO roundtable nearby.

Why PeerSpectives?

Relevant Content

Trained facilitators who keep discussions on track and relevant for all participants.

Structured Protocol

Structured protocol that sheds new light on both problems and opportunities.


Emphasis on sharing applicable experiences rather than advice or consultation that might miss the mark.

Safe Environment

Safe environment in which to process emotionally charged issues.

Just-in-Time Answers

Ability to get just-in-time answers to pressing problems.


Opportunities to attend leader retreats at the Edward Lowe Foundation as a peer group or for your company.


To learn how to sign up for a virtual roundtable, please contact the organization that shared this information with you. This service is provided by the Edward Lowe Foundation,

Who should participate?

CEOs, presidents and owners of second-stage companies (10-99 employees; $1 million to $50 million annual revenue). Attendees must have ultimate decision-making authority for their companies.

Business owners who want an objective view of their organizations.

Busy chief executives who require a significant return on time invested.

Leaders who want better results from their decisions.

CEOs looking for unvarnished feedback that’s

Session Details

Cost: Set by your roundtable provider

Frequency: Once monthly for six months. Sessions run two hours.

Logistics: Sessions are conducted via video conference. Participate using your webcam and reliable internet connection.

Group selection: Limited to 15 members. Business competitors will not be placed in the same group. Members may be asked to fill out an application before being assigned to a roundtable.