Experience Big Rock Valley App 


A fun way to learn about the Edward Lowe Foundation property, Experience BRV! is available for invited guests to earn badges as they visit our points of interest, activity locations and trails. Seven iconic pondering spots have been selected to honor Ed’s practice of deep thinking and also showcase the wonderful vistas and locations to collect your own thoughts. Use of this app provides the foundation insight on property usage. Anonymous data is transmitted for foundation purposes only. The property is not open to the general public; being onsite and collecting badges is prohibited without an official invitation to be on property.

Ed's thoughts on pondering...

PONDERING is not a procedure to be taken lightly. I call it a procedure because it is not a whimsical effort or routine that one indulges in without preparation, considerable thought and planning. It is sort of like going on a picnic – lo to the recipient of such an affair if he purchased the ribs but forgot the matches.

The dictionary gives considerable lineage to the word “PONDER”. Amongst the dozens or so descriptive words, I picked three that fit my needs to explain my pondering routine. To Mull, Muse, Speculate.

I have speculated about pondering, both before or after a good session, and have decided that it is a time that your mind communicates with YOU. Most pondering is done in silence. The language that is used by your mind is probably the one you speak most prevalently. As a General Rule, your lips don’t move, you gaze may appear to be far adrift, your eyes may be half closed or squinting. Do not confuse PONDERING with merely thinking. When you PONDER, your mind is used with a more in-depth concentrating procedure.

I mentioned that your mind communicates with you. Not for you, but with you. In my case, my PONDERING mind is located just above and a bit behind my eyes. Don’t get the impression that I take thinking lightly. It, of course, reacts much faster than PONDERING. Thinking is used more in daily routine chores, mathematics, engineering, spelling, talking.

There is a difference in your mind and body, and I separate the two into classes of their own. My body is in my chest or torso area, above my midriff. My mind tells it what to do, much by instinct. The more important movies are done by thinking. Those of serious consideration are pondered over. Don’t confuse worrying with pondering.

Pondering spots are many and varied. Most pondering is done alone-seldom in a crowd: Locations, like the park, the beach,or a bench in a museum. There may be many folks around, but basically, a ponderer removes himself to seclusion. The atmosphere of location has a bearing on the procedure of pondering. Surely at a crowded cocktail party one would be amiss in trying to sit in a corner to ponder. Think flippantly about the girls, the fellows, the music, or the chatter, yes, but not ponder.

The category of location is important. Accepting the fact that pondering is in-depth thinking, you will naturally wish to ponder things of interest to you and try to construct in your mind that atmosphere that is conducive to what you wish to ponder.