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Building and Inspiring an Organization

“Global Giving”

Danny O’Neill wants to connect the people who grow his coffee with the people who drink it.

Defining and Serving a Market

“Lillian Vernon’s Million-Dollar Mistake”

A fantastic failure taught this consummate catalog entrepreneur as much, if not more than, her many successes.

Acquiring and Managing Finances

“Surviving Tough Times”

Employee and vendor loyalty has been critical to CTP's success.

Human Resources Management

“Owning Your Success”

Advice on setting more meaningful goals and objectives is dispensed in this article.

Legal Issues and Taxes

“Product Adaptation”

Seeing "universal applications" in a software product puts Chris Muller on the road to doubling the size of his company.

Operations and Technology

“Taking Advantage of Economic Development Zones”

Thinking of expanding your business or moving to a new location? Economic development zones can offer your company tax reductions and other incentives in exchange for helping to revitalize a depressed community.