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Building and Inspiring an Organization

“Don’t Litigate: Mediate!”

Mediation avoids the adversarial arena and brings dispute resolution back to basics – both sides talking to one another. It could pay your company in human and business relationships, as well as in time and resources, to seek out the services of a professional mediator.

Defining and Serving a Market

“Analyze Your Marketing Program Costs”

Few companies closely analyze the results of marketing campaigns yet a tremendous amount of money goes into marketing. Learn how to evaluate some of these numbers.

Acquiring and Managing Finances

“Banks Say They Are Lending! Where’s the Money?”

Much has happened in the commercial credit markets as a result of the Great Recession, but it comes as no surprise given the conditions that existed before the credit crunch.

Human Resources Management

“When to Hire a Human Resources Manager”

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re hiring your hundredth employee, having a human resources manager can be a vital step to success. Know what to look for when hiring an HR expert.

Legal Issues and Taxes

“How to Protect Your Business Through Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks”

No business is too small to avoid or ignore protecting itself from another business using its name, product, service, or invention, consequently, reaping the same benefits. There are ways to protect your business from "copy cats."

Operations and Technology

“When to Outsource Technology”

Want yet another way to grow your profits? Consider farming out some of the technological aspects of your business. Outsourcing may allow you to focus your energies on what’s most lucrative in your company.