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Building and Inspiring an Organization

“Born or Bred? What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur”

Does the growing interest in entrepreneurship translate into business success? Research suggests that there is an entrepreneurial personality that is either written in the genes or imprinted in early youth. Here, some of the necessary traits for success are examined, and successful business founders are interviewed.

Defining and Serving a Market

“Analyze Your Marketing Program Costs”

Few companies closely analyze the results of marketing campaigns yet a tremendous amount of money goes into marketing. Learn how to evaluate some of these numbers.

Acquiring and Managing Finances

“Raising Your First Outside Capital ($500K-$1M)”

Outside financing can help your company grow, but you may have to give up some control. How do you match the right investors to your needs? This Quick-Read shows you how to find the "smart" money.

Human Resources Management

“The Cost of Keeping Mediocre Employees”

They may not be the worst performers in your company, but mediocre employees could still be wasting your time and money. Take these steps to unload the dead weight and revitalize your staff.

Legal Issues and Taxes

“How to Use Net Operating Loss to Offset Past and Future Profits”

Tax strategies: profiting when the bottom line is not black.

Operations and Technology

“Managing Your Inventory”

A poorly managed inventory could put you out of business. Knowing what your customers want, building to order, and choosing an inventory management system to match your company’s size allow you to balance your growing company’s competing needs for cash.