Second-Stage Sensei

Dino SignoreSecond stage is an important inflection point for entrepreneurs, says Dino Signore, the foundation’s manager of entrepreneurial education. On the plus side, second-stagers have a proven product or service under their belts and have attracted initial customers, so survival is no longer a daily concern. Yet as they strive to gain a stronger foothold in the market and win more customers, second-stagers now face more strategic issues, such as building infrastructure to scale, honing their competitive edge and expanding into new markets.

Programs in Motion

Our online video gallery below looks at some of the foundation’s ongoing entrepreneurship initiatives, such as leader retreats, Economic Gardening, PeerSpectives CEO roundtables and the Companies to Watch awards program.

You’ll also find videos about our land stewardship activities and heritage, including our founder’s entrepreneurial journey.

Plain Talk From Ed Lowe

edlowe-imageThis series of articles explores the thoughts, ideas and unvarnished advice of our founder, Ed Lowe. When Ed “brought the cat indoors” with Kitty Litter, his  revolutionary cat-box filler, he created an entirely new industry that changed the lives of millions of cat lovers, not to mention cats. During his life, Ed used “plain talk” to speak about the bottom line from the bottom of his heart. We believe these articles, which have been updated after his death, offer value for both your business and personal life.

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