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Building and Inspiring an Organization

“How to Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business”

Should your business be a proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, C corporation, S corporation, or LLC? Be informed to help determine the best business structure for you.

Defining and Serving a Market

“Value Captures Potential Customers”

Quality-control checkpoints ensure leads are followed up in the most effective — and cost-efficient — manner.

Acquiring and Managing Finances

“Raising Your First Outside Capital ($500K-$1M)”

Outside financing can help your company grow, but you may have to give up some control. How do you match the right investors to your needs? This Quick-Read shows you how to find the “smart” money.

Human Resources Management

“Revealing the Person Behind the Resume: Pre-employment Testing”

Pre-employment testing is an easy way to ratchet your hiring process up to its most effective level. You can offer jobs only to candidates who promise to synergize with your team, and place new hires in the department perfectly suited for their personality.

Legal Issues and Taxes

“CEO Confidential: An Ex-employee’s $1,000 Lie”

CEOs often have personal or professional issues they’d like to get off their chests. Here they can unburden themselves while helping others facing similar issues.

Operations and Technology

“Solution to Pricing Woes: Quality Improvement”

ISO 9001 quality certification is tough to get, but worth it.