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Totally Outrageous Customer Service

Digital Library > Defining and Serving a Market > Customer service “Totally Outrageous Customer Service”

Sometimes it pays to make sure your customers are satisfied.

Grocery concern Stew Leonard’s received a $40 food order to accommodate 20 people at a luncheon. When the order was placed, the chef suggested that more food was needed, but the suggestion was not taken. A few hours later, the manager received a frantic call from the person who placed the order, noting that she was sure to run out of food and asking why no one insisted that she order additional food.

The manager quickly assembled and delivered another $40 order, complete with full apologies and refusal to accept payment. It happens that the luncheon was for 20 real-estate agents who were new to the area. And immediately following the luncheon, all 20 guests stopped by the grocery store and filled each of their baskets to the top.

Source: Inc. Online, Goldhirsh Group Inc., 1999.

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