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I train more than

I train more than 400 economic development professionals each year in entrepreneurship support strategies from all parts of the country.  I use YE to customize these presentations to specific states, counties and regions, showcasing the rise or drop in numbers of businesses by Stage, the growth or decline of specific industries — and to compare and contrast different regions.  YourEconomy.org…

Having data available

Having data available by ZIP codes is key. Although elected officials are interested in what’s going on at the regional level, they’re primarily concerned with what’s happening in their communities, within their city limits. YE+ enables one to perform very localized analyses.

One of the things I like best

One of the things I like best about YourEconomy.org is the ability to do comparison research. Its data is so well organized and accessible that you can compare your community with others in a matter of minutes — research that would take hours or days if you’re using other sources.

This program is exceptional in

“This program is exceptional in that it takes a team of highly trained business developers and makes them available to me as additional staff on loan for my own research into competition, markets and offerings to expand my business capabilities. The efficiency of these program hours and the results of their research have saved invaluable time for me and my…

PhysioGenix has received other

PhysioGenix has received other awards, and outside recognition is always a good feeling. Yet Companies to Watch was different. This was our first award that I felt was driven by business people for business people — people who really know what we’re going through.