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Virtual Roundtables

The Edward Lowe Foundation makes it easy for organizations to offer roundtables to their clients — and for busy business owners to attend roundtables. Conducted as video conferences, the foundation’s virtual roundtables are ideal for those without an in-person CEO roundtable nearby.
Unlocking Insights, Fostering Connections: PeerSpectives Virtual Roundtables

Why PeerSpectives Virtual Roundtables?

For organizations with second-stage clients

The Edward Lowe Foundation has offered virtual roundtables since 2017. We handle the logistics and execution of assembling and running virtual roundtables on your behalf. You bring the participants, we do the rest.

Results occur on-the-fly at each virtual roundtable session for those who might not have access to nearby in-person roundtables. The program lead from your organization may attend as an observer and provide on-the-ground resources for the group.

We work closely with you to offer virtual roundtables with your organization’s goals in mind. You are also able to brand the virtual roundtable as you wish. You’ll be involved in the planning process and kept up to date along the way.

For leaders of second-stage companies

By attending a virtual roundtable, you are dedicating the time to work on your business. Based on peer-learning principles, the sessions are designed to bring out issues that challenge second-stage growth companies.

Conducted as a video conferences, the sessions give you the flexibility to join at the office, home or while traveling. Guidelines are shared to ensure you’re in a private space that’s conducive to confidentiality among your peers.

The virtual roundtables use the PeerSpectives protocol, which make for productive and balanced discussions. Your group is led by a trained facilitator, whose goal is to create a safe environment for members to process emotionally charged issues in confidence among peers.


Organizations: Find out how we can help you put a virtual roundtable offering together for your clients.

Leaders of second-stage companies: To sign up for a virtual roundtable, please contact the organization that shared this information with you. Or contact us for other options.

Who should participate?

Session Details

  • Cost:

    Set by your roundtable host.

  • Frequency:

    Once monthly (dates vary based on the roundtable host). Some roundtables run for three months, six months, longer or indefinitely, depending on the roundtable host. Each session is two hours in length.

  • Logistics:

    Sessions are conducted via video conference. Participate using your webcam and reliable internet connection in a setting that is conducive to privacy and free of distractions.

  • Group selection:

    Limited to 12-15 members, depending on the roundtable host. Business competitors will not be placed in the same group. Prospective members may be asked to fill out an application before being assigned to a roundtable.