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Facilitator Training

Whether running roundtables under your own PeerSpectives license or someone else’s, attend PeerSpectives facilitator training to learn the protocol, tips and tricks for effective and productive sessions. The skills you pick up are also invaluable for other areas of your professional and personal life.
Master the Protocol, Enhance Productivity, and Transform.

Who should attend PeerSpectives facilitator training?

Future facilitators of PeerSpectives roundtables are required to be trained by the Edward Lowe Foundation under an active license. First-year licenses include training for one person; cost is $400 each for additional trainees or those wanting a refresher when renewing a license in the future.
Individuals who will be marketing your roundtables are encouraged to attend PeerSpectives training. They’ll receive invaluable knowledge for developing marketing materials and answering questions from prospective members.
Anyone who leads group meetings will benefit. Individuals seeking professional development may receive training for $900 per person. Because a PeerSpectives license is required to run roundtables, contact us if facilitation opportunities arise in the future (training is not refundable).

What does PeerSpectives facilitator training involve?

The next virtual training is scheduled for:  May 7-9, 2024
Please contact Joy or Rita for details.


PeerSpectives benefits our organization in a variety of ways. For one thing, it’s enabled me to get in front of people I might not see otherwise and introduce them to additional SBDC resources.

— Ryan Kauth, director of the Wisconsin SBDC at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay