Why Join a Roundtable?

If you’re considering a roundtable, ask yourself what you’d be missing out on: Peer connections with other business leaders who understand you. Best practices on issues you’re facing from those who have gone through it. Dedicated time to work “on” your business. Read further to gain more.

Advantages of attending a PeerSpectives roundtable

Business leaders who attend PeerSpectives roundtables enjoy an advantage over those who do not.

Improved decision-making: learning what others have done in a similar situation as well as what to avoid.

Erasing the “it’s lonely at the top” syndrome. You will meet peers who know how tough it is to run a business.

Giving back as a cure: Being there to support one’s peers is a strong antidote to dealing with one’s own concerns.

Dedicated time working “on” your business: Setting aside time to work on business strategy is important, and a roundtable ensures you keep that promise to yourself.

Build a network of trusted fellow entrepreneurs: Develop these relationships during and in between sessions.

What topics are discussed in a typical roundtable?

The topics are as varied as the individuals who attend a session. Typical issues revolve around the non-rational decisions a leader must make, such as:

Company culture Personnel decisions
Customers Direction of the organization
Marketing Product development
Succession planning Finances

“Talking with other second-stage business owners can really help you get over some hard spots. It’s not about giving advice, but sharing experiences and asking key questions that can help you see an issue from a different perspective.”

— Mike Busley, a 2008 CTW honoree and president of Grand Traverse Pie Co.

Case Studies

Learn how second-stage entrepreneurs have benefited from attending PeerSpectives roundtables. Both virtual and in-person tables are represented.

Case Studies