The Reflective Group

12 Jul, 2015
Since its launch in 2011, Reflective Group has evolved from software development to a full-fledged digital agency that offers graphic design and video production services along with cloud technology solutions.

Global Tax Network

12 Jul, 2015
In Fall 2011, the Hennepin-Carver Economic Gardening Network initiated a new approach to delivering services to second-stage entrepreneurs: the consolidation of research assistance, monthly roundtables and quarterly forums.

Patriot Converting Inc.

10 Jul, 2015
“Overall, the program was a great sense of community and resources,” Stilwell says. “Everything is about driving growth and getting more out of your business.”

The Porch Swing

9 Jul, 2015
Kueny worked with the research team in mid-2010. Within a year, her sales had shot up 40 percent and marketing costs dropped nearly 60 percent. In 2011 annual sales exceeded $1 ...

Local leaders see ‘second-stage’ businesses as economic catalysts

17 Jun, 2015

I train more than

17 Jun, 2015
I train more than 400 economic development professionals each year in entrepreneurship support strategies from all parts of the country.  I use YE to customize these presentations to specific states, counties ...

Having data available

17 Jun, 2015
Having data available by ZIP codes is key. Although elected officials are interested in what’s going on at the regional level, they’re primarily concerned with what’s happening in their communities, within ...

Andex Industries

17 Jun, 2015
Based in Escanaba, Mich., Andex Industries manufactures a wide range of display card packaging solutions such as blister cards, clamshells and thermoform trays. It traces its roots back to 1960 and ...

One of the things I like best

17 Jun, 2015
One of the things I like best about is the ability to do comparison research. Its data is so well organized and accessible that you can compare your community with ...

From establishing customized

17 Jun, 2015
From establishing customized regions to examining data, YE+ is very user-friendly. You can find the data you want really quickly — and receive it in a format that’s easy to export.