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From the Publisher: A New Perspective with PeerSpectives

Digital Library > Building and Inspiring an Organization > Success factors “From the Publisher: A New Perspective with PeerSpectives”

With this issue, we introduce a new look, a new name and what might even be a new word to many of our readers, "PeerSpectives."

More important, we bring a new attitude that emphasizes peer learning, thoughtful growth and next-level thinking. This means that you’ll see more stories about your peers — founding owners, CEOs and presidents — that communicate information, insights and inspiration to help you take your company to the next level.

Why Are We Changing?

Over the past two-and-a-half years, our editors and writers have interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs. And in cooperation with national and local entrepreneur-support organizations, we’ve conducted surveys to learn more about how owners of growing companies succeed or fail.

Two basic leadership principles popped up among second-stage companies (those that are beyond startup and face issues related more to growth than to survival). Successful CEOs:

  1. Join a peer network. Peer learning via peer networking is vital to moving your company forward. But this kind of meaningful CEO-to-CEO networking is more than exchanging business cards. It’s intentionally getting together to learn from each other how to be a better leader.

    We call this combination of peer networking and next-level thinking "PeerSpectives" — thus the name change to the Edward Lowe PeerSpectives Report.

  2. Find new perspectives. Doing the same old thing the same old way doesn’t do the job. To do things differently, you must first see things differently. We can help by showing you how others do it. Note: We’re not talking about getting there first, but about getting there best — a process we call "thoughtful growth."

    One effective way to learn how to look at your company differently is to seek out perspectives from a variety of sources. The goal: Learning to work on your company, not in your company to reach the next level.

Finally, we’re motivated by the vision of Edward Lowe, who with his wife, Darlene, created the Edward Lowe Foundation. A guiding principle is that established entrepreneurial enterprises are the best point at which to leverage the economy for the improvement of society.

Scott PembertonPublisher, Edward Lowe PeerSpectives Report

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