31 Aug, 2018
As his success continued with the cat box filler Ed looked to expand his product portfolio to include a whole range of cat-related products. During this time, Ed bought his first ...


31 Aug, 2018
Ed Lowe entered the Navy in 1942 and continued his entrepreneurial journey by selling labeling stamps to his crewmates while in the service. After leaving the Navy Ed returned to work ...

The 1930s

31 Aug, 2018
Ed was a thinker and a tinkerer. As he matured he was keen to spot opportunities around him. Never afraid to hustle, his work ethic and moral compass were setting him ...

the 1920s

31 Aug, 2018
Every great story has a beginning. Ours starts with Ed’s birth. From an early age Ed showed a curiosity for life that would later turn entrepreneurial.


23 Jul, 2018


23 Jul, 2018

Managing in an electronic age

13 Jun, 2018
Dan Wyant discusses the way woodlands are managed at the Edward Lowe Foundation's campus in Southwest Michigan. Instead of keeping only high monetary value trees, the foundation chooses to manage for ...

Leadership of My Organization

10 May, 2018
The second program in our retreat series, Leadership of My Organization focuses on strategic thinking. You’ll become more aware of industry forces and how they may be affecting your organization. In ...

Advanced Facilitator Training

8 May, 2018
Facilitating is a demanding undertaking, whether it’s an ongoing peer-to-peer roundtable, a one-time, high-stakes meeting or a large group interaction. During the process you may encounter anxiety, frustration, anger and bruised ...

Performance Accelerator

2 May, 2018
Designed specifically for executives at second-stage companies, this retreat gives participants a greater understanding of the challenges their company faces in this phase of growth and how to manage them — ...