Extreme Measures — When No Plan Is the Best Plan

23 Jul, 2015
“Extreme Measures — When No Plan Is the Best Plan” In preparation for an extended sailing trip, business owner Tom Richman meticulously plotted charts, outlining an ambitious schedule of times, ports ...

On the Network: The Best Person to Market Your Business Is…You!

22 Jul, 2015
“On the Network: The Best Person to Market Your Business Is…You!” Tips on networking include ideas for maximizing the value of contacts and sales leads. I’m always amazed how many folks ...

Partner Power!

22 Jul, 2015
“Partner Power!” Taking on a financial partner not only solved a space problem for Sheryl McCaleb but also created a valuable new asset. In 1997, just two years after launching her ...

Your Move — 5 Truths About Growth

22 Jul, 2015
“Your Move — 5 Truths About Growth” I believe our economic well-being depends on increasing the number of growth companies. Growing companies create jobs, and jobs help create self-sufficient people in ...

In Need of Expansion Capital? Consider Other People’s Money

22 Jul, 2015
“In Need of Expansion Capital? Consider Other People’s Money” The biggest barrier to expansion faced by today’s small businesses is capital. Entrepreneurs using traditional forms of capital acquisition have only two ...

Plain Talk from Ed Lowe — To Thine Own Self Be True

22 Jul, 2015
“Your first partnership is with your own conscience, so evaluate yourself often.” — Ed Lowe

Business Booms at Artists’ Frame When Owner Learns to ‘Let Go’

22 Jul, 2015
Stuck at $2 million in sales, Jay Goltz decides to ‘delegate, not regulate’ to create a masterpiece.

Dare to Know What You Don’t Know

22 Jul, 2015
Don’t let pride get in your way: Bridge knowledge gaps. One of the biggest growth barriers that business owners face has nothing to do with weak sales, sloppy strategic planning or ...

Don’t Let Flooding Be Your Waterloo

22 Jul, 2015
“Don’t Let Flooding Be Your Waterloo” Flooding is the sixth most costly cause of commercial property damage, reports FM Global, an insurance organization specializing in property loss prevention and control. On ...

The window of opportunity begins with a peephole

22 Jul, 2015
Entrepreneurs are usually seen as “big idea” people. But as they used to say in the Michigan towns where I grew up, a great idea and a dime will get you ...