Strategic thinking: What’s clouding your crystal ball?

18 Aug, 2023
To scale their companies, CEOs need to be futurists, assessing opportunities that can hone their competitive edge and trends that might hinder their ability to compete...

Positive intelligence: A different way to think about your thinking

16 Jan, 2023
Granted, the negative chatter in our brain will never go away completely. But we can control our responses to negative thoughts...

Changing mental models about employment

3 Aug, 2022
To attract and retain talent, we need to change our mental models about employment, which is especially true for businesses that rely on knowledge workers...

Coping with fickle followers

21 Mar, 2022
Leadership is an art form that many dabble in, but few master. One of the things that makes it so challenging is what Robert Greene calls “the law of fickleness.”

Reducing defensiveness: 5 strategies for influencing behavior

29 Nov, 2021
In “The Laws of Human Nature,” author Robert Greene provides a codebook for deciphering people’s behavior. In particular, I found his chapter on defensiveness interesting because of insights it can offer ...

Slower is faster: Revisiting “The Fifth Discipline”

4 Aug, 2021
A question I frequently hear from business owners is “Why isn’t my company growing as fast as I want it to?” Yet perhaps a better starting point for this discussion is ...

Metacognition: Think about your thinking

5 May, 2021
The more leaders can increase their metacognitive skills, the better decisions they can make for themselves and their companies...

No pulled punches: Managing conflict in the workplace

16 Feb, 2021
I don’t know many business owners who wake up and say, “Wow, I’m really looking forward to a full day of conflict”...

Battling bureaucracy: Scale while preserving your entrepreneurial DNA

5 Nov, 2020
Although bureaucracy is not usually a problem for second-stage companies, it’s something that business owners need to be aware of...

Old school or new school, micromanaging doesn’t make the grade

17 Aug, 2020
Micromanagers are typically viewed as people who provide too much feedback, who are constantly looking over your shoulder and telling you how to do something. Yet a recent Gallup article points ...