Jeremy Mortl of Messersmith Mfg.

2 Aug, 2019
Jeremy Mortl credits PeerSpectives for helping him with a wide range of issues, ranging from HR strategies to different manufacturing technologies.

Mark Massicotte of L’Anse Manufacturing

3 Jul, 2019
"If you want to be successful in business, you need really honest inputs, and this group doesn’t pull any punches," says Mark Massicotte.

Chris Straw of Team Quality Services

21 Nov, 2018
“The virtual aspect of PeerSpectives helps with time constraints right off the bat by eliminating the travel burden," says Chris Straw.

Don O’Dwyer of Raven Bay Services

12 Jul, 2016
“You get real value for your time — it’s an opportunity to get away from your business and work on it instead of in it," points out Don O’Dwyer.

Jeff Schwegman of AB BioTechnologies

12 Jul, 2016
"It's great to bounce ideas off other roundtable members and find out what worked for them, what didn’t work — and what they would do differently to avoid pitfalls," says Jeff ...

Jackie Mortell of Smart Solutions Inc.

6 Jul, 2016
“Even if I haven’t experienced the challenge being presented, it’s something I might confront someday, and I always learn something,” says Jackie Mortell, co-founder of Smart Solutions Inc.

Danny Hao of Tile and Stone Source International

6 Jul, 2016
"Peer learning expands the possibility of how you do things," says Danny Hao. "It gives you a clearer picture in how to run your business moving forward.”

Kayla Storlid of Kayla’s Custom Cleaning

6 Jul, 2016
Participating in a PeerSpectives CEO roundtable hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Extension has been instrumental in helping Kayla Storlid scale her business.

GrowFL’s Stage 1 Roundtables

21 Mar, 2016
Stage 1 business leaders can also benefit from the PeerSpectives methodology. Hear what two graduates of GrowFL’s inaugural Stage 1 roundtable have to say.

Sheboygan County Chamber

9 Nov, 2015
“There’s great value in seeing that I’m not the only one with a problem and my reasoning is very similar to other business owners,” says Lynn Potyen