Robert “Bob” and Waneta Follett

19 Jun, 2019
1925 - 2008 | 1926 - 2018 Bob was Ed Lowe’s first employee. Years of service: 1946 – 1990

Dino Signore, PhD

15 Feb, 2019
An expert on second-stage entrepreneurs, Dino Signore has a doctorate in business psychology and is manager of entrepreneurial education at the Edward Lowe Foundation. Signore leads all of the foundation’s learning events, which ...

Locus of Control

16 Mar, 2018

Saving Money With Better Energy Efficiency

30 Nov, 2014
The need to conserve energy (i.e. money) is just as important as it has always been. The tips in this Quick-Read Solution can help.

Creating and Giving Sales Presentations

30 Nov, 2014
No matter how successful you've become, it all still comes down to sales. How's your pitch these days? Has it gotten stale because you have gotten busier with other demands?

Best-Practice Marketing: Divide and Conquer

30 Nov, 2014
Segment and target your way to optimized marketing that produces sales.

Industry Analysis: Once Is Not Enough

30 Nov, 2014
Refresher: These online resources will target your research energy.

Using Databases Effectively

20 Aug, 2011
Databases are no longer just dry collections of facts and figures. Newer, broad-based applications can help you manage information and increase productivity in every segment of your company. This Quick-Read can ...

Focused Marketing Makes the Difference

20 Aug, 2011
Discovering the right marketing mix and knowing customers 'inside out' boosts sales a whopping 300% annually.

E-Commerce: What Works, What Flops

20 Aug, 2011
Setting sail on choppy electronic waters? Learn which boats float.