Westport Linen Services: Leveraging digital marketing

9 Dec, 2020
“We never had a Twitter or LinkedIn account before. Now we do, says Eddie Lefeaux, CEO of Westport Linen Services. "We’re using those avenues to generate marketing leads, and we’re ...

Josh’s Frogs: Leaping over potential obstacles

3 Dec, 2020
“SIG was far more of a value-add than I expected, both from a knowledge standpoint and a relationship standpoint," says Josh Willard.

Beards Brewery: Crafting a more resilient company

5 Oct, 2020
“It’s easy to start a small business, but once you hit second stage, you encounter unique challenges,” says Ben Slocum, co-founder of Beards Brewery.

boldSOCKS: Finding a foothold in custom products

21 Sep, 2020
Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, boldSOCKS aims to be a one-stop shop for socks — and a model for social impact...

Creative Studio Promotions: Developing a killer sales system

20 Nov, 2019
“The challenge was getting through the prospect’s doors — and getting to the right perso,” said Ann Vidro.

EVS: expanding the solar market

20 Aug, 2019
“There’s nothing else like it out there,” says Andy Kim, vice president of EVS, referring to his company’s recent SIG engagement.

Backyard Brains strengthens sales muscle

8 Jul, 2019
Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Backyard Brains designs and manufactures advanced, yet affordable neuroscience research equipment for K-12 students.

K-Tec Systems: help with HR and global markets

8 Jul, 2019
Catherine Koch entered the System for Integrated Growth (SIG) program to get help with overseas markets and human resources.