HealthBar: Scaling a nurse-driven approach to health care

16 Oct, 2023
Wanting to make health care more affordable and easier to access, Nathan Baar launched HealthBar in May 2020 to provide primary and preventive care services to Michigan businesses and schools via ...

Schram Enterprises: Distilling growth for a trio of brands

28 Sep, 2023
"A roundtable can expose you to unbiased, smart people, who can throw out some solutions to your issues — and you get to pick and choose where you want to go ...

Entrepreneurial house party: High Caliber Karting and Entertainment

8 Aug, 2023
“Prior to SIG, I had ideas about what I wanted to do, and thought they might be possible,” says Jordan Munsters of High Caliber Karting and Entertainment. “Yet now I am ...

Marcellus Metalcasters: Forging new growth

17 Jul, 2023
“Knowing that I would speak to my team leader in a few days helped me focus and work on my business instead of in it,” says Caitlin McMahan of Marcellus Metalcasters.

White Glove Interior Care: Scaling while maintaining quality

20 Jun, 2023
“I gained knowledge and understanding on how to grow and scale so we can make a difference in Louisiana,” says Michael LeBlanc, founder of White Glove Interior Care in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Mercury Mosaics: An intersection of art and entrepreneurship

12 Jun, 2023
Mercedes Austin of Mercury Mosaics is using research from her SIG engagement to help launch a sister brand, Mosaic Candy Shop...

Geaux Above: Adding structure to scale smoothly

3 Apr, 2023
“The SIG engagement was priceless and worth every second of my time — in fact, it’s saving me time and money,” says Shanna Felker, CEO of Geaux Above in Madisonville, Louisiana. ...

CyberReef: In search of MVNOs

27 Mar, 2023
CyberReef’s recent SIG engagement focused on finding prospective customers for its new TrafficIQ technology.

Utiliserve and Fireserve: strategic expansion

8 Aug, 2022
CEO Zach Raley chalks up much of his companies' recent growth to working with the Edward Lowe Foundation and Louisiana Economic Development...

Orion Hunting Products: Alleviating shipping headaches

26 Jul, 2022
From CEO roundtables to the System for Integrated Growth, Beau Anderson of Orion Hunting Products has leveraged several of the foundation’s programs, hosted in Michigan in partnership with the MEDC, to ...