Deep work: Moving beyond busyness to true productivity

22 Jan, 2020
Today’s technological tools are useful, but too often they seem to be using us — keeping us busy but not productive...

All the world’s a stage: the importance of shifting roles

11 Nov, 2019
As they launch and scale a business, company founders encounter a series of pivotal points that require them to embrace different roles...

Lighten your leader’s load

19 Aug, 2019
Middle managers can add value to their organizations by not only influencing subordinates but also their bosses, a concept known as “leading up.”

Enlightened entrepreneurs: The road to progress and prosperity

29 May, 2019
Entrepreneurs are often told to focus and “stay in their lane.” Granted, you can’t be all things to all customers. But in second stage, it’s important to keep evolving...

Getting hand: Strengthening relationships with buyers and suppliers

20 Feb, 2019
The power that buyers and suppliers are able to exert over your company, and vice versa, has significant impact on your ability to compete and be profitable...

Leading through listening

15 Jan, 2019
How do leaders improve their teams' ability to make good decisions and sound judgments? Become a better listener...

Stinkin’ thinkin’: How confirmation bias affects the quality of your decisions

22 Oct, 2018
In the business arena, confirmation bias can lead to some pretty poor decisions, which is why leaders need to be on guard....

The art of facilitation: How to navigate your group’s interpsychic storms

31 Jul, 2018
When you're leading a group, a lot of things can get in the way, ranging from unenthusiastic participants to unclear objectives. The greatest challenges, however, stem from what I call the ...

Leadership lessons from Joe Maddon

27 Feb, 2018
A great read from Tom Verducci, “The Cubs Way” examines a number of changes that transformed the Cubs organization, including Joe Maddon’s leadership style. Many of Maddon’s principles have particular relevance ...

The optimistic organization: Leadership lessons from neuroscience

9 Jan, 2018
Optimism is no soft skill as the human brain is wired to be negative. Yet people can use their minds to restructure their brains — and reap the benefits of ...