Why playing it safe can be risky business

11 Sep, 2017
We prune plants and trees because it encourages new growth. Similarly, your business is an organic system where all participants need a little pressure — even your top performers.

Going with the flow: a blueprint to greater productivity and happiness

24 May, 2017
Happiness doesn’t result from external events, such as being promoted or winning the lottery. Instead, it's a condition sparked by how we interpret external events...

Tribal behavior: the good, the bad, and the need for balance

16 Feb, 2017

Leadership power: six degrees of differentiation

18 Oct, 2016
In second stage, founders are trying to transition from entrepreneur to leader. This is no easy task because leadership is complex and about influencing the behavior of others.

Brain-based leadership: How to keep your employees engaged and motivated

6 Jul, 2016
Whether a perceived threat is physical or social, the human brain reacts the same way — which is why smart leaders are paying attention to neuroscience research.

Getting real: how leaders can unlock their organization’s learning power

20 Apr, 2016
No one wants to feel vulnerable or look foolish, and humans can become extremely competent at protecting themselves from perceived threats or embarrassment. Yet defensive behavior can take a real toll ...

3 steps to focus your moonshot thinking

11 Dec, 2015
No one disputes the need for an effective elevator speech, but nailing down your vision may seem too touchy-feely to spend time on. Big mistake.

How to develop a killer core competency

11 Dec, 2015
A core competency doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

How to protect your market turf

11 Dec, 2015
The more the merrier might apply to Facebook friends, but not industry competitors.

How to take the ‘con’ out of ‘conflict’

11 Dec, 2015
Conflict comes in many forms, and smart leaders know how to harness all of them to drive growth.