And Now, The End Is Near — It’s a Business Owner’s Least-Favorite Task: Firing an Employee

30 May, 2002
How can an employer minimize legal problems when it's necessary to fire an employee for unsatisfactory performance?

Understanding the Costs of Employee Turnover

14 Jan, 2002
Can anyone in your company give you a figure for TOTAL expenditures last year in replacing employees? You might be surprised to find that you are spending more on turnover than ...

Hiring for Retention and Promotion

14 Jan, 2002
Place emphasis on internal succession planning, so the employees you mentor will be motivated to stick around for a long time.

Phases of Leadership: Determining the Role of the Entrepreneur as the Company Grows

14 Jan, 2002
How long have you been at the top of your organization? Are you as thrilled by your position now as you were that first year? Are you as effective at your ...

Revealing the Person Behind the Resume: Pre-employment Testing

14 Jan, 2002
Pre-employment testing is an easy way to ratchet your hiring process up to its most effective level. You can offer jobs only to candidates who promise to synergize with your team, ...

How to Use Employment Contracts

14 Jan, 2002
In such a litigious society, all business owners need to understand the necessity for employment contracts (such as confidentiality agreements), at-will termination agreements and noncompete agreements. Should you use them? What's ...

Job Sharing: Twice the Benefits or Double the Problems?

14 Jan, 2002
You've heard all about it, but how can you make job sharing serve your business interests? Here are basic ways and long-term tips to ensure that you have two productive job ...

Working Well Together: Promoting Health in the Workplace

14 Jan, 2002
A workplace wellness program can help to keep your employees happy and healthy, causing a "ripple effect" throughout your company.

Wise Use of Temporary Employees

14 Jan, 2002
In an ever-changing market, you might need to consider temporary staff. Done right, a few well-chosen folks could not only pull you through a busy time, but also become prescreened permanent ...

Recruiting in Tough Times

14 Jan, 2002
Use innovative ideas and guerilla tactics for hiring excellent talent to your firm. This Quick Read Solution offers new ways to think about hiring.