Increase Your Market Share With Promotional Products

30 May, 2002
As small business owners, we are always looking for creative ways to grow our companies. Primarily, ones which our pocketbooks can afford. How much do you presently spend on conventional advertising? ...

Confidently Selling Ourselves and Our Ideas

30 May, 2002
Everything we do is sales oriented. Acquiring or improving the necessary skills to connect with an audience and successfully sell ourselves is important to everybody. This article professes the "PAL" model ...

Are You Assertive Enough to Succeed in Business?

30 May, 2002
Demonstrates and illustrates the differences between assertive, passive, and aggressive behaviors. Includes tips on channeling aggressive and passive behaviors into more assertive and positive behaviors. Concludes with the Assertiveness Bill of ...

Your Most Effective Capital-Raising Approach

30 May, 2002
Like just about any business operation, there is a process or general procedure associated with seeking private investment in your firm. This article helps the seeker of funds establish a reasonable ...

Sales Increase Analysis Test

30 May, 2002
This is an extensive checklist to diagnose your staffing, orientation, training, and communications problems among your sales, marketing, and advertising personnel.

Increase Your Advertising Response by 10 Times!

30 May, 2002
Oftentimes copy in advertising does not attract attention or motivate the reader to action. This article offers some proven advice to increase your response rates for print advertising mediums. Includes strategies ...

A Buyer’s Market for Rental Space

30 May, 2002
In a retail or service business, your rent is one of your major expenses. Better control of this expense can lead to more cash on hand for profits or investment back ...

Squeeze the Most from Every Dollar

28 May, 2002
To spend wisely, think creatively, tap free or low-cost alternatives and tighten your fiscal discipline. It's a skill that CEOs ignore at their own peril.

Why Press Releases Fail

28 May, 2002
Digital Library > Defining and Serving a Market > Press releases “Why Press Releases Fail” Most press releases are immediately filed — in the trash can. There are a number of ...

Financial Disclosure

30 Apr, 2002
How far should you go in sharing numbers with employees?